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Graphic Contig Analyzer for All Sequencing Platforms (G4ALL) is a stand-alone tool that facilitates the editing of the contigs generated by assembly process. G4ALL use mapping results produced by Blast or Mummer against a reference genome to generate a scaffold based on the overlap of the contigs after curation. Besides providing information on the gene products contained in each contig, obtained through a search of the available biological databases which can be inserted in G4ALL database.


Sun jdk 6 or higher; and MySql server database 5.6 or higher

Command line

java -Xms1500m -Xmx2500m -jar g4all.jar

-Xms1500m : 1500Mb of RAM memory will be reserved to run the G4ALL

-Xmx2500m : The system will reserve until 2500Mb of RAM memory to run the G4ALL


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